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Greenstore ground source heat pumps and Greensource air source heat pumps use the latent energy in the ground or the outside air to provide low cost heating and hot water for virtually any type of property. Greensource air source heat pumps are available in 2 options: air to water for providing heating and hot water and an air to air option which is heating only. All our heat pumps are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of properties. Inside this brochure you will find information about Worcester renewable options and how we can help make it easy for you and your qualified installer to find the right heating and hot water system for your home and lifestyle.

Greensource air to water heat pumps

Air to water heat pumps operate on a similar principle to an ordinary refrigerator. Heat from the atmosphere is extracted by an outdoor unit and is absorbed by a refrigerant solution which is then compressed to a high temperature. The heat generated is used by the indoor unit to create hot water for a traditional pressurized heating and hot water system. Greensource air to water heat pumps can provide an outgoing flow temperature of 65ºC. However, they are ideally suited for low-temperature under floor central heating systems and appropriately sized radiators, as well as for baths and showers, providing a low cost solution throughout the year.

Greensource air to air heat pumps

Air to air heat pumps work in a similar way to air to water heat pumps, but instead of generating hot water, the heat from the compressed refrigerant solution is turned into hot air by the indoor unit which is distributed into the property. In addition, Greensource air to air heat pumps can also operate as an air cooler during warmer months and advanced air purification technology is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers. Air to air heat pumps are an attractive alternative where external space is limited as they require nothing more than a suitable outside wall, making them ideal for a wide range of property types, including apartments and smaller homes. The indoor unit is designed for quiet operation and the system is operated using a remote control with an easy to read LCD display.

Benefit of Greensource air to air heat pumps: Plasmacluster Ion-technology

The Greensource heat pump’s unique active air purification system emulates nature’s own air purification process. It emits positive and negative Plasmacluster ions (positive hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions are surrounded by multiple water molecules to form a cluster, hence the description “cluster ions”) that spread throughout the room to purify the air by attacking harmful airborne substances such as bacteria, viruses and allergens, including cigarette smoke. These ions are the same as those found in nature; they are completely safe.

How a ground source heat pump works

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