Solar water heating

The Greenskies solar water heating system absorbs solar energy and converts it to heat that is pumped directly to your hot water cylinder – providing hot water from a clean, renewable source of energy.

It is a popular misconception that utilizing solar energy is only possible in hot, sunny climates. The reality is that it is daylight and not just direct sunshine which is then important factor – which is why Worcester Greenskies solar water heating uses specially coated panels developed to collect as much energy as possible, even on the dullest of days. During the course of a year you are likely to get 50-70% of your hot water provided by solar.

Greenskies is designed to work in conjunction with your current central heating system, providing you have stored hot water in a twin-coil cylinder (usually located in the airing cupboard).

Greenstore ground source heat pumps

Greenstore works by utilizing the solar energy in the ground to provide all the heating and hot water your home requires – at low cost and with absolutely no emissions on-site or other adverse effects on the environment.

In fact, for every single kilowatt of electricity used to power the heat pumps, the Greenstore system can generate up to 4kW in heat for your home!

Solar Collector Diagram

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